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Merge Robotics is a community-based FIRST Robotics Competition team in Ottawa. Merge consists of students ranging from grade eight to grade 12, as well as an equally unique group of mentors. FIRST Robotics is an annual robotics competition. Teams around the world like Merge construct robots with the aim of having them compete in tournaments. Merge Robotics is in need of fundraising and sponsors to aid them in being able to successfully participate in these competitions, as well as providing a memorable experience for members. 

Usually, Merge Robotics hosts a yearly bottle drive to help fundraise for the team and jumpstart our season. This year, it is going to be held virtually. We are asking you to return your empty bottles from the holiday celebrations, and save the change that is given in return. Then, you can donate the money to the team through our website (button below). Turn your trash into accessible STEM education! 

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